Gift Box Sets

The perfect gift for Christmas. Treat a loved one to one of our real ale gift box sets which include three beers brewed at the Tir Dha Ghlas brewery located on site at Cullins Yard. Set includes Jimmys Riddle, Jolly Roger and Pigs Ear. Collect your box set from the restaurant. Priced at £12.

Christmas Mulled Wine

Our Mulled Wine is made from a blend of smooth, quality red wines which is naturally sweetened and then skilfully blended with cinnamon, nutmeg, cloves and aromatic spices by the most experienced blenders in the world.

Rated at 5.5% ABV, and priced at £5.45 a glass, enjoy a mulled wine at Cullins Yard this winter.

Gift Vouchers

Purchase a gift voucher for your chosen amount.

A great choice for a Christmas gift.

Christmas 2019

Christmas is on the way! Have you thought about your Christmas party this year? Take a look at our menu below. Download the booking form with your menu choices.

Please note, we are closed on Christmas Day and Boxing Day.

Dinner (from 5pm)
2 courses – £21.95
3 courses – £25.95

Lunch (11am-5pm)
2 courses – £17.95
3 courses – £21.95


Adnams Wild Wave

Are you ready for something wildly different? Adnams have created a brand new cider made with 100% English apples.

With a bold design inspired by the refreshing Suffolk coastline, Wild Wave is a delicious blend of bittersweet and dessert apples grown in the foothills of the Malvern Hills.

Wild wave is like a huge splash in the face, it’s that refreshing. Pair this with a hot summer’s day spent out in the garden or by the sea. 

Now on sale at Cullins Yard.

Krombacher Dark

Introducing Krombacher Dark. Now on sale at Cullins Yard.

With the growing interest in dark beers it’s a natural progression within the Krombacher range to introduce an authentic, dark, German beer that is packed full of flavour at a very drinkable 4.3%. The rich, dark, complex, Krombacher Dark has an outstanding depth of flavour using different high roasted malts combined with the famous Felsquellwasser®.

This full bodied beer, of moderate bitterness, lightly hopped and rich in malt for a well-balanced character leads to a full flavoured, intense finish. Expressing this distinctive, high quality premium specialty with rich malty and roasted, warm aromas it is naturally brewed according to the German Purity Law of 1516.

Appearance: Try this delicious original import from Germany, almost impenetrably black with a glimmer of deep, golden brown.

Adnams Mosaic

Adnams Mosaic is now on sale at Cullins Yard.

Tasting notes & ingredients

Made with, you guessed it, Mosaic hops, this pale blonde has bags of personality with bold mango, peach, lemon and pine flavours and a dry hoppy finish.

Brewed with Pale Ale malt, some Lager malt and a touch of light Cara. This single hop beer is made with Mosaic hops at each of the four stages of the brew process. This imparts bold hop characteristics, including peach, mango, lemon and pine flavours and aromas.

With big fruity flavours and a Mosaic of aromas, it’s a fruity one-hop-wonder.

What’s the Story?

Mosaic hops are a new US hop variety released in early 2012. Mosaic hops are bred from Simcoe and Nugget hops, taking the best of these varieties to provide clean bitterness and outstanding flavours and aromas. Mosaic hops are similar to Citra, only they impart more intense flavours.

Will it work with Food?

Mosaic Pale ale goes brilliantly with lightly spiced dishes such as lamb tagine, thai fish cakes or scallops and chorizo. Contains barley.

Christmas Porter

Treat yourself to a pint of our Christmas Porter rated at 6%. Available now!

Brewed at the Tir Dha Ghlas Brewery, located just next door to Cullins Yard. We produce different beers throughout the year including the incredibly popular Pigs Ear and Jimmys Riddle.


Krombacher now on sale

We are now selling Krombacher Pilsner. Ranked number 2 among Germany’s best selling beers. Krombacher joins Bitburger and Erdinger in our range of premium German beers. Come down and give it a try!

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