Jim completes Marathon Des Sables!

Jim completes Marathon Des Sables for the 5th time!

2 years ago I managed to raise nearly £5000 for the Pilgrims Hospice before competing in the Marathon des Sables. This is known as the toughest foot race on earth and entails a 150 mile marathon across the Sahara desert. Unfortunately I didn’t complete the race due to collapsing in the dunes and being evacuated by helicopter. This year I needed to address the failure and try again to at least justify the generosity of those who supported me 2 years ago. I am pleased to report that I have just successfully completed the marathon and I can once again hold my head high. I thought during the race it might be an idea to try and raise a little more for such a good cause and while I don’t expect more support from those that have already contributed maybe others might.

Thank you for taking the time to read this.

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