Tir Dha Ghlas Brewery


At Cullins Yard we produce our own beer. Come and give it a try!


Cullins Ale

Visit Cullins Yard and try our own Ale produced at the Tir Dha Ghlas brewery, pronounced ‘Terry Glass’.

Situated right next door and fronting Cambridge Road we hope to add some interesting brews to add to the pleasure of your visit to Cullins Yard.

Our two main brews, Jimmys Riddle and Pigs Ear, are regularly for sale, while we offer a box set containing bottled versions with the addition of Jolly Roger – a perfect gift idea at just £10 for the set!

c brewery giftbox 1
c brewery giftbox 4

Some of our most popular brews…

c beer clip A6 jimmy
c beer clip A6 pigs
c beer clip A6 jolly
c beer clip A6 toomey